Hello, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts ! I am legendary DM Ezekiel Raymer, possibly the youngest person here on obsidian portal aged fourteen years, five months and thirty days, as of Jan. 31, 2014. This is my obsidian page for Excalibur : the Omega crisis. I will not currently discuss the details of my story now, as it will be a surprise. I can however, tell you a bit of my campaign world, Excalibur.

The basis for my world was that it used the Greek cosmology, combined with a medieval backdrop, and a bit of eastern folklore and themes mixed in. However, it has been shaped over time, by both players and my imagination. It has several continents : Klein, the continent that has been the focus of most Excalibur campaigns. Thantamos, the one where the land is not united like Klein, but still feudal (and where the Omega crisis would take place) Yruan, (never been played on) Is newly discovered, and it’s residents are still very primitive. Vorgloth, ( only visited once by one player ) is an entire continent corrupted by shadow, it is a constant battleground for daemons, undead, lycanthropes, orcs, goblins, and beasts. Finally, a new continent that can be visited is Aether, home conteinent of beast-folk ( Apemen, Catfolk, Aviare, etc.) a part tropical islands & rain forest, part Freezing tundra, part majestic mountains and plains.

That is some information on Excalibur, if you want more some will be provided later and
throughout the campaign. Happy dungeon delving !!!!

Excalibur: the omega crisis