Bruna Half-Wine

Kender, short. Brown hair, big green eyes. Cheerful


Bruna is a kleptomaniac kender, who is also a genius. Her stats are all over the place: STR: 7, DEX: 18. CON: 10, INT: 17, WIS: 8, CHR: 10. She is very nimble and at level One she already has a +10 to sneak (DEX, skill ranks, stealthy feat). She is a Skill monster with twelve skills with fours in them. She is fairly squishy at 6 HP. She is an excellent Thief, as well as a proficient academic.

A quote that best exemplifies her: " The more of THEM there are, the less chance they’ll have of seeing US".

Bruna was born in Kenderhome to two librarians. As a child, she divided her time evenly between playing games of stealth and trickery, and reading. She had a happy childhood, making lots of friends. She became an architect with the help of an old man named Talion, who lived near Kenderhome. She possesses a genius IQ and has always been referred to as " The Kender with some sense" by Talion. She was commissioned by the king of Olympia to help design the new university that he was building. After partially completing it, she was returning home for some vacation time, when she noticed a noble near her had some pretty gems, she walked over to admire them, and they somehow ended up in her bag,( Classic Kender) and the noble, who was very angry tried to capture her. ( the one time Bruna did not get away with stealing) Bruna is now running from the guards ( in the Olympia hold).

Bruna is very happy-go lucky and cheerful. Her fear immunity (racial feature) enables her to make light of any situation. She is prone to bouts of intellectual rambling usually beginning with " Interesting factoid…".

Bruna Half-Wine

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