Gedlin farseer


A human gifted with the godsight, he is an npc party member. 6’0, 165 lbs, Long brown hair, human fighter. Prefers to fight with a scmitar & shield, prefers Chain mail.


Gedlin was born on the crystal isles near Klein, to a Wizard, Kathrine Farseer and a Blacksmith, Halfsted Farseer. The crystal isles are a tropical place, so naturally, he is used to the heat.Even as a child, Gedlin was known for being an excellent fighter. He had a happy childhood, growing up on a peaceful island, with many friends, and was respected for his talent. At age 11, his godsight began to take effect, he began to have strange dreams, foretelling things about the near future, (Which would always happen) and even in his waking hours, was prone to bouts of foresight, in the form of subtle omens. He kept this a secret, but his mother (being a wizard and all) found out when he was Thirteen, and she helped him keep it a secret. Meanwhile, his strength and battle prowess grew, and at seventeen he left the crystal isles, and served in the army of king Zael bartleby, who owned the island. One year later, he became the leader of his own strike force (his godsight helped him tremendously with planning battle tactics) Within five years of commanding, ( putting him at age 23 ) he had won many medals, awards, and had become very famous in Southern Klein. However, one battle would end his career :

May, 12 1138, A.I
Campaign to take Frandoth, an island off the coast of vorgloth,
He had it all planned out: he knew the orcs would do a frontal assault on the invading ships, he also knew they would not spread out, and would first focus on the largest ship, so he put almost all of his soldiers on the largest ship, and gave the archers oil to light the arrows on fire, he foresaw his victory, and he was prepared to win another medal, when…

Things didnt go as planned.
What he didnt forsee was that a rival of his, Jaegar Raintear would give his plans to the orcs. Long story short…
He failed, and then left the milatary, Ashamed he had lost this descisive battle because of his vainity. One year later, he signed on to guard a prison ship headed toward Nurgoth…

Gedlin farseer

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