Ah, Dwarves. The hardy miners, craftsmen, and warriors under stone and rock.

In Excalibur there are four types of Dwarves:

Mountain Dwarves, found on Klein and Thantamos. They are rather old-fashioned and dwell in vast majestic mountain halls, like almost every Dwarf, they practice ancestor worship. However, they are the most deeply religious about it. They are the best craftsmen and architects in the world. They are also the most distrustful of arcane magic. They are known to have the strongest moral compass.

Burrow Dwarves, found only on Thantamos. They are very closely related to the mountain Dwarves, but vastly different. Although they look very, very similar. They are more practical and open minded, even somewhat accepting of arcane magic( but not Necromancy or Mind-influencing spells) They share their kingdoms of Nurgoth & Klitchstalin with the Gnomes and have a deep relationship with them, they have even taken to calling them " Little dwarves".
They tend to live in underground kingdoms. They also practice ancestor worship, but are not fanatical about it. They are renowned engineers.

Grey dwarves, found in the underdark . They are dwarves driven into the under-dark and have had their minds corrupted and twisted by the evil that dwells there. Unlike their cousins, they are not great builders or craftsmen, but are known as proficient slavers and Warlocks. They are also known to ride giant spiders into battle. They have an uneasy allegiance with the Drow.

Mithrilians, or Dragon-dwarves, found only on Yruan. They are mountain-dwarves who traveled to Yruan in the mythic age, when the world was young. Now, with the recent rediscovery of Yruan, the fabled dwarves have proven to be real. Three millennia ago, they arrived on Yruan only to be greeted by Dragons, over time they began to breed with dragons, and soon they were known to develop scales and breath-weapons. They are still only slightly larger than regular dwarves. Not much is known about them.

Ancestor worship: The religion of all Dwarves except Mithrillians ( who worship the dragons)
It works like this:
When a male Dwarf dies, if he has accomplished great things in his life, he will be added to his families Pantheon. This must be approved by the elder council. Most Families have only four or five Worshippable ancestors.


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