In Excalibur, there are five breeds of elf ( sometimes called “Mer” )

Sylvamer( wood elves ) A race of nimble, perceptive rangers and woodsmen. Sylvan elves prefer to live in giant trees, ( this breed of tree is called a Mer-hearth) and make their kingdoms secret. The most fabled of these cities is Galathail in the High forest, on Thantamos. Wood elves are generally chaotic in alignment. Wood elves are known to be the best archers in Excalibur, also adept at swordplay. Finally, while they prize the arts, they are also rustic and practical in nature.

Thermamer ( High elves ) The writers, Magi-scientists, and scholars of the Elven race, they are regarded as the smartest breed. High elves are found only on Thantamos, on the island of tigers, in the city of Merflame. Merflame is a grand city, possibly the richest on Thantamos, where non High-elves require special permission to enter. High elves have a large brain capacity and an excellent memory, in addition to a natural talent for magic of all kinds. They however, are not as swift and practical as their cousins, and are often the but of jokes concerning weaklings. They have Lawful tendencies. They also tend to be proud and arrogant.

Hydramer ( Sea-elves ) often considered Evil and utterly psychopathic, they dwell under the deep-sea. They are amphibimorphic, when swimming, they reveal their webbing on fingers and toes, on land they have normal features. They breathe both air and water and are a deep blue color. They have perfected naval warfare, and are close to perfecting Magi-science and torture. They have the largest kingdoms ( hardly anybody fights them over the undersea land ) The most grand is off Klein ( see wiki atricle Klein geography and kingdoms ). Were it not for the constant infighting they have and the Intervention of the Oceanic guard ( see wiki article) They might have dominated the world by now ( they are weaker than before due to the war that nearly decimated them thirty years ago ) Although most are evil, this does not apply to all, some can be rather benevolent.

Polamer ( snow-elves) Dwelling in the cold regions of the world, they are the most tribal of all Mer. They have no kingdoms to themselves, but rather live in small clans. The snow elves have a history of hardship and failure ( with a short period of success mixed in ) Long ago, in the Primal age, they were wood-elves, tribal infighting occurred, and the Losers were sent to live in the frozen north, centuries passed, and they had become remarkably resilient and clever. They soon became a leading military force united under Glamurrin the Slasher. They sought to protect the world from giants ( this is why no giants exist on Klein ) but soon their empire was besieged by Humanity, who had begin to stand up to the ancient races, and within Ten years of war the empire was no more. All- and all their empire and “golden age” lasted only seventy years. Ever since those ancient times, they have been barely hanging on, almost going extinct. Today, they are still remarkable hunters and survivors. They are a pale-blue color.

Drow ( Dark-elves ) Dwelling in the under-dark, they (like the gray dwarves) have had their minds and hearts corrupted from the under-dark’s influence. They are skilled at archery, magic, and swordplay. ( i know this is short but they will get their own article)


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