Klein Geography and kingdoms

The center-point of Excalibur, by far the most geographically diverse and largest continent. It is divided into seven regions:

Dun-land: the plains and forest, generally peaceful land.

Mophoria: The most densely populated region, mostly plains. United under King Zael.

Ashland: mountainous,several volcanoes,goblin homeland.

Haedirk: a region ( desert) where a century-long war between Halflings and Rhun’iki (desert dwellers, vaguely human like)

Xaria: Underwater kingdom of the sea-elves, Magic filled

Fey-snare: Huge forest, home to wood elves and gnomes

Wintersoul: a cold, unforgiving Arctic plain, home of dwarves

More info to come!

Klein Geography and kingdoms

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