Excalibur: the omega crisis

Prologue # 1, part 2

Bruna and Nathaniel


Cast of characters: Jordan Hunnicut as Nathaniel Moonsilver, Human Druid level 1
Emma Wilson as Bruna Half-Wine, Kender Rouge level 1
Ezekiel Wilson as acting DM

When we last left our heroes, they were sleeping at Frothgar the Blue’s house. Late in the night the Kender gets up to quench her thirst, when she is grabbed from behind and a dagger is held to her throat. To this day she still recalls the chilling words:

" Come with us and your death will be a swift one"

Instinctively, the kender breaks free of the grasp, and knocks over a bag of flour to create a smokescreen, and then yells for help. Nathaniel, Frothgar, and Rufus are soon up in arms. The battle begins!

There are four tall, thin figures they are dressed in black, and are carrying longswords:
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Frothgar unleashes a lightning bolt but it arcs around one of the figures, he deduces that they have magic resistance. Next, Rufus jumps down on one of them from the stairs. A one-sided fight occurs with the only injury being Nathaniel taking 2 points of damage, where as the invaders are all dead.

The kill count: Frothgar: 1 kill, Rufus: 2 kills, Nathaniel: 1 kill, Bruna: 1 failed sneak attack.

Frothgar tells them (using his psychic powers ) that these men are assassins hired by the king of Olympia ( Again, the city not the mystic realm) to kill them. He tells them that they are no longer safe here, and to flee. Before they leave, Frothgar shakes down the Kender and finds several of his potions, his magical apparatus, and a scroll of light. He takes no offense, as he knows the Kender are kleptomaniacs. As they leave he tells them getting caught by the king might not be so bad…

Druid, Dog, and Thief press on into the night, growing ever more tired. Almost immediately before the sun starts to rise, they are ambushed by Olympian rangers.

!(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/300181/7043629.jpeg? 1393337910(7043629.jpeg)!

The party does not put up a fight, because:

1. they are outnumbered 3 to 18.
2. They are exhausted.

As they prepare to be questioned, Bruna slips her bag of stolen jewels into Nathaniel’s pack before it is searched. The interrogator tricks them into revealing the incident with the Asassians. When the interrogator yells at the Kender, she swears at him, as he gets up to beat her, Nathaniel punches him in the face. So now they are charged with:

Nathaniel: Arson, Murder, Theft ( the jewels), Fleeing punishment, assaulting an officer. Sentence: Death.

Bruna: Theft, murder accesory, verbally assaulting an officer, fleeing punishment.
Sentence: 40 years.

Rufus: Murder .
Sentence: Death and then eaten ( animals have no rights)

They are loaded onto a prison ship, and the Kender is beaten bloody for trying to stab a guard. A friendly guard named Gedlin Farseer makes conversation with them, tells them the next stop is to pick up a Dwarven Heretic….



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