Nathaniel Moonsilver

Tall, about 6'6, Shaggy long Light red hair, Rugged looking.


Nathaniel is a Druid, however at Level 1, He is already sporting 12 HP, due to his CON bonus and the Toughness feat. He Leans toward the Utility build with Spells like Obscuring mist and calm animals. His stats are very balanced, with his lowest being an eight (strength) and his highest a fourteen ( wisdom) with lots of Ten’s, Eleven’s, and Twelve’s mixed in. He also has the Blind fight feat, which makes him an asset in dark areas (blind-fight works different in my campaign). He also has a St. Bernard named Rufus, who can function like a secondary tank.
His skills are pretty standard for his class.

A quote that best exemplifies him: “The sad reality of life is that death is the only constant”


Born in the slums of Never-frost, Nathaniel is no stranger to poverty. Born to a career soldier who was always away, and a Skooma-addicted prostitute of a mother, his childhood was filled with hard lessons. His mother loved him very much, but was always either “entertaining” company or doing Skooma to block out the pain of separation from his Father, who Nathaniel never met. At age Fourteen(Nathaniel was fourteen, not his mother) his mother died, and Nathaniel had had enough. He now hated the city and ran away to the high forest to live with the Elves. For two years, he Tried to find the secret Elven settlement of Ramion, but never did. However, when he was Sixteen, he had about given up on the wilderness as well and was sure he would never find a suitable home, so he planned to commit suicide. It was that day he met Elena, a beautiful Half-Elven lass who offered to give him a new home upon hearing his story. She was a Druid, a protector of the wilds. When the other Druids found out they were not pleased that Elena had brought in an outsider, But Nathaniel pleaded for them to give him a home and a Purpose, and the Elder druids reluctantly accepted him under their wing, over time the other Druids began to appreciate him more and more, and within two years, he was a full fledged Druid. Him and Elena became lovers, and they had many happy and pleasurable memories together. One day five years after they met (putting Nathaniel at twenty-one) Elena became sick with a rare deadly disease that even the elder druids could not heal. Nathaniel heard rumors of a mysterious plant nestled in the mountains that could cure any Ailment . Naturally, he journeyed to the highest peaks to find the plant, driven by intense emotion. What he found would change him forever, but it did not heal Elena. He got back to the village minutes before her death, as the last person beside her he heard her final words:

“Nathaniel, i go now to join nature. My life may have been short, but i lived it well, i gave you a home and a purpose, and love. Life is really all about hope and light and living well, although i wish it could have been longer. I wish i would have lived to see us be wed, to see our child born and grow up. I wish i would have been able to live to see you become a master druid, and i wish we could have grown old together. I must leave now, for nature is calling, farewell. Remember me always and forget me not.”

With that touching monologue, the maiden took leave of this world forever. Nathaniel stood there not weeping, not speaking. For two years, the other druids rarely saw him or spoke with him. In that time, a hunting lodge had opened and had been hunting animals in great numbers that were under protection of the druid circles. The lodge was created by the king of Olympia ( the human city, not the mythical realm) himself and ordered the druids not to interfere. Nathaniel was infuriated by this, and one night he burned the lodge down, killing three hunters. He confessed his sins to save the other druids from persecution, and is currently being hunted for arson and murder.

Nathaniel is gruff and slightly psychotic, he stills recalls and feels the effects of what he saw in that cave, to this day he will not tell what he encountered in that mysterious cavern…

Nathaniel Moonsilver

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