Note: i do recognize that this is intellectual property of wizards of the coast, Margaret weis, & Tracy Hickman, and not mine to own. I simply wish to integrate them into my campaign.

Kender are a little-known race in Excalibur, and they only live on Thantamos. (except that they have wanderlust so they might pop up anywhere, but 9 times out of ten they return home) They are often mistaken for Halfings, and this is partially true, but kender are NOT Halflings.
Kender are typically about 4’2-4’11, and usually weigh less than 90.lbs. They have somewhat childlike features (no facial hair, bright eyes, not much body hair) Like their cousins, they are renowned thieves, however Kenders are all kleptomaniacs, A.K.A the need to steal compulsively. They are usually very friendly and sweet. Kender have only one settlement in the whole world to call their own. (although they sometimes live other places) i present to you Kenderhome, City of the kender. It is near the great river on Thantamos. It is usually warm and sunny, although it rains sometimes. Think of it as part shire, part Lothlorien. It is merry, and due to the fertile land, farms are wide spread, there are open-air markets and fairs and such. Some kender live in little cottages near farms, others live in the over-sized oak trees in the taunting woods (named after the kender racial power) close to Kenderhome.

It is a happy place, because the kender think of theft as a harmless prank and it is far away from the north & the desert. (where most of the war & such is) For defense, however the kender do not have an army. Instead, garrisons of Never-frost ( a relatively close coastal human settlement) troops surround Kenderhome, and are called on in (rare) times of peril.
Never-frost does this because:
1. While the kender are clever, they are horrible warriors and certain people would like to take Kenderhome’s fertile land for themselves.

2. About half of Never-Frosts food is grown in Kenderhome, and the kender sell their products very cheap.

Kender Game mechanics:

-2 STR

-2 CON

+2 DEX.

Traits: Small, Immunity to fear, and taunt.

Taunt: Three times per day, the Kender forces a target to make a will save ( DC 15 + Kender character level) If the target fails, he is so enraged that he drops what he is doing and goes to attack the Kender with a -1 attack bonus ( increases by -1 every odd character level, such as -2 at 3rd level, -3 at 5th level, and so on)

Note: the target must have at least a 3 INT, and be able to understand the kender.


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